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Herdstone question....


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Hey guys,


Apologies in advance if this has been addressed elsewhere but I couldn't see it.

The new Herdstone has popped up at the local store and with potentially a conundrum. The Herdstone gives -1 to armour saves in its little growing bubble however the Nighthaunt are not affected by modifiers either positive or negative so the conversation has come up.


For me the Nighthanut aren't modified by the HS rule as it cancels it out but Beastmen player thinks not... have GW officially talked about this anywhere?


Just for clarity I am not a Nighthanut player (Waaaagh!!)

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"Etherial : Ignore modifiers (positive or negative) when making save rolls for attacks that target this unit"

"Entropic Lodestone : Subtract 1 from save rolls for attacks that target units within 6inches of this terrain feature. AT the start of each battle round after the first, add 6 inches to the range of this ability. Beasts of Chaos units are not affected by this ability."


Herdstones ability is a straight up save modifier and there is nothing in the rule that allows it to override the nighthaunt ability, so Nighthaunt are unaffected. There's no contradiction of rules here, this is a straight up save modifier that is cancelled out. The only difference is that the Herdstone has a growing bubble feature of the modifier rather than a one at a time ability like many others.

Interestingly the Herdstone also does not limit its ability to friendly Beasts of Chaos units only, so if two Beasts of Chaos players play against each other then the Herdstones on either side won't have any effect on each others save rolls. 


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