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Variant: 12 people game with just one fighter each with public objectives?


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Hey everybody,

we will have a game day in two weeks with 12 players visiting us at home. I really love Underworlds and I am thinking about introducing my friends to it with some kind of 12-man-battle. I know, that it will just be a glimpse of the real game, but do you think there could be some modified rules to give it a try?

I do not want it to last too long and make the introduction to the rules as easy as possible, so I was thinking about giving each player just one miniature and maybe make valid objectives visible for all players all the time.

If someone dies i could respawn the one and subtract a glory point, so the player could continue to play.

What do you think? Could it work? Are there any 12 fighters of the different races that are some kind of levelled?


I am looking forward to any replies about this some kind of unusual idea ?




PS: Excellent Community site here, i just discovered you all today ;-)! Still reading through a lot of old threads at the moment!

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