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Printable uptodate warscrolls?


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I'm looking to print off all the warscrolls for my army, but the PDF scrolls on on the GW site have not been updated (chaos scrolls still talk about summoning, for example).

Does anyone know if there is a resource anywhere online which has printable uptodate warscrolls?

(I have them all on the app but I think having hard copies in front of me will be quicker to flick through!)


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33 minutes ago, Lord Panther said:

Yeah, not sure how legal it is but I screenshotted all the warscrolls in the app, rearranged in photoshop so they were legible then printed on card. I play KO so needed updated ones.

Might vary country to country but as long as it’s personal use, seems like that should be ok. Not like it’s going to be policed anyway.

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