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Large scale exhibition game (looking for a advice )


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What kind of exhibition are you looking to put on? 

If you mean more of a diorama with lots of models "mid battle" as opposed to an actual game then its just a case of two big armies that look impressive with great painting and some very good terrain. You might even got a little thicker with terrain to make it really pop more so; but otherwise just two big well done armies would do.

If you mean for two people to play with who know the rules to show the game off being played then I'd go with two armies that people who are attending (running the stand) know how to play well and which are well painted. Ergo they know how to use the game without referring to the rules all the time and can show the game off playing smooth with efficient use of tokens/warscrolls in the game. Ergo it looks neat and clean and they are not heads in their books the whole time - though books should be their and laid out - that cover art is worth its weight in display.


If you mean as introduction games for new potential players then i'd try to keep it to 500 or possibly 1K points. Basically it won't look as impressive, but it will play faster to let people get a taste of the experience without overwhelming them with too many things. You could do 1K points with a big hero on each side as they alone each up a near 4-500 points on their own. Plus if you've got Morathi or Nagash standing there on the table that's a BIG interesting draw. 



Otherwise keep things simple. Showy armies want to be practical real models people could play with, save a few really dynamic showcase models for display by all means, but you want to attract people with a clean simple quality. Think like Evey Metal in how GW advertises their models - neat clean paint schemes and detailed, but simple bases. They don't go overboard and instead aim to display a quality many can envision achieving themselves. 

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Thanks to the advice. The whole idea was that two players played big games of about 10k points per side. Maybe there are two tables that are connected, so one have a siege and an air fight, and on another large infantry hand-to-hand fighting.

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