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New Faction Idea: Champions of Malice


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So, my idea is a Mal-themed chaos faction with  a mixture of daemon and mortal units. I still haven't really decided on the allegiance  abilities, but here is what i have so far:

Let the tyrants fall: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 when attacking an Order or Chaos unit. 

Strength from Ruin: Every round from 1 to 5, gain a new ability.                                                                                                                                                                                       1. Uncontrolled frenzy: Re-roll charge rolls of 2-4.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2. Break Hammerhal: When you make a hit roll of 6+ in melee combat, you can instantly make another attack using the same weapon.                                                                                              3. Unbreakable Will: When a model suffers a wound, roll a D6. On a 6+, the unit ignores the wound.                                                                                                                                                                      4. Chant of Anarchy: All enemy models within 3" from any friendly models add d3 to all Bravery tests.                                                                                                                                                                    5. Take no Prisoners: All friendly units can run and charge o the same turn.

The army style will be about Killing Heroes and mostly based around flexibility.

Here is what my ideas are for units:

Lord of Anarchy-Combat hero, stronger in one on one fights against heroes.

Lord of Anarchy on Winged Steed-Combat hero, stronger in one on one fights against heroes, rides o a giant flying frost-breathing wolf.

Lore Burner-Standard wizard, unique spell controls an enemy unit for 1 turn on a 9+.

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I will be using this picture as  reference for the daemons, along with the bird-looking one.

For the daemon summoning rules, you get d6 summon points every time you destroy an enemy unit. If you kill an enemy hero, instead gain 11 points. On your turn, you may choose for one of your units to summon. If you do so, roll a d6 and choose the unit you want to summon. You lose the correct amount of summon points unless you roll a 1 or a 6. On a one, instead all models within 6" have to roll 2d6. Each model that rolls a 2 takes d6 mortal wounds and are turned into the daemon unit "Shadow Creeper". On a 6, you may double the number of models summoned.

shadow creeper: 6 points

3 rust eaters:10 points

10 Chain breakers: 11 points

Greater daemon of mal/Destroyer of Cities: 33 points

a shadow creeper is going to be a fairly fast unit taken in groups of 1 to 5. Movement 10 is my current thought. They will have the ability o deepstrike.

rust eaters will be in units of 3 to 12, and are the daemon unit based off of the picture above. Their main usage will be to weaken your opponent. If a unit takes any wounds from a rust eater, they have -1 to wound rolls for the rest of the turn.

Chain breakers are going to be the mal equivalent of bloodletters/plaguebeares/daemonettes.  1 wound, 5+ save, 6" move, 10 bravery, with a 4+/4+ attack that has a rend of -3 when outnumbered. They will have locus of destruction, where they re-roll wound rolls of 1 when within 11 inches from  friendly Daemon Hero of Mal.

Greater Daemon of Mal/ Destroyer of cities: the greater daemon for mal. Will have 11 wounds with and unmodifiable 4+ save, 10 inch move, and 2 attack profiles. Can make 6 attacks with its Giant bone hooks at 4+/3+, -2 rend, and does 1 damage.Its second profile will be its giant cursed blade, which is a 3+/3+ with -2 rend and does 3 damage, and makes 4 attacks with this.

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