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Stormhosts and Skyports


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Note to Mods: I didn’t see this topic anywhere but if someone has already started this discussion feel free to delete/lock this thread.

     I’m curious as to which stormhosts people prefer, as well as why they prefer that particular host. I’m not asking from a purely mechanical standpoint either so whether your preference is due to the fluff or because you like their particular rules all opinions are valid. 

     I’m also wondering the same thing about the skyports that people prefer playing as. Note that while I do have a Stormcast army I play, I’ve not (yet) started building/collecting an Overlords army so I don’t know much about them rules or fluff wise yet (but love their models so they are on my list of to-do factions). The Overlords are currently on my que either after I’ve finished my Chaos armies.

     This question could be extended to also include the temples for the Daughters, and while I do really like some of their models others keep them of my list of factions to play/collect.

     My own Stormcast army is being built as a custom host of recovered Chaos (and now death) souls, but rules wise I generally play them as a Hammers of Sigmar army. This is partially because of the name character’s powerful auras and partially because I just haven’t settled on exactly which stormhost I prefer yet.

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I recently started to repaint my SCE army in colors of Knights Excelsior, because I love color scheme and fluff, previously I used my own stormhost, but there was too much colors making more complicated to paint then I'd like and also most of the model have been painted on the dead line before tournaments I have lots of unfinished (shading, highlights) models that I'm not feeling like finishing at their current state, so Knights Excelsior it is!
Rulewise KE are fine, LCoD general with Runeblade (Chamon) can potentially be Prime the 2nd against enemy heroes, but conditional bonus of rerolls after slaying a unit and forced artefact (which would be great if used in combat phase) are meh. That's why I won't go to tournaments with this.
As for tourneys it's obviously Vanilla with SD, Hammers of Sigmar for named characters and Anvils of the Heldenhammer for shooty get-the-hell-out-of-my-table builds.

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