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Help for tournament in 2 weeks!


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Hello every one! :)


I was reading a lot on this forum for the last few months and I finally decided to create an account and talk with you guys! :P sorry for stalking for so long!


Back to business, I have a big tournament in a few weeks and I really want to bring a magic heavy list because the tourney will use all the realm rules and I want to bombard my ennemies with spells. :P I already know all the battleplans and realms for the 3 rounds.


Round 1

Places of Arcane Power

Realm of Fire / Burning Skies

Round 2

Shifting Objectives

Realm of Metal / Rust Plague

Round 3

Border War

Realm of Life / Fecund Quagmire


I'm torn between 2 lists and if some of you could help me and give me advice, it would be really appreciated. 


Legion of Sacrament 2000pts

Shadow Realm


Arkhan / soul harvest 320

Necro / overwhelming dread / Spellmirror artefact 110

Necro / fading vigour / Betrayer's Crown or Shroud of Darkness artefact 110

Mortis Engine 180

Lords of Sacrament 130

Umbral Spellportal 60

Prismatic palisade 40

Pendulum or Balewind 40

40 Skeleton warriors 280

5 Dire wolves 60

5 Dire wolves 60

20 Grimghast reapers 280

1 extra CP 50


for the rest of the points I have 2 options

#1: 40 Skeleton warriors 280


#2: Vampire lord / vile transference 140

10 Dire Wolves 120

Soulsnare shackles 20


Thank you all for your help! :)


ps: Sadly I don't have a Vampire lord on zombie dragon and only 20 Reapers so I can't boost their unit to 30. :(

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I like option 2, gives you another cast for your endless/realm spells, and gives Arkhan another spell option. The wolves give you a bit of blocking/objective grabbing. Also I think (without knowing you) that a 2nd block of 40 skeletons can often cause issues (not intentional) of slow play. It's a lot to move/charge/pile in and a lot of dice to roll. Really slows the game down. Not what I would have wanted at my first tourney. One block should be fine. Shackles are situational but a nice option to have. Would think you'll be running out of casts most turns before you get to them. 

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moving quickly a lot of skeletons is not a problem! in my 30ish games since Legions of Nagash, I've fielded 2 blocks of 40 in most of them and I'm getting pretty good at it! :P I use thin cardboard sheets to move them in the first few turns of the game and it really help!


I've thought a lot about it in the last days. The vampire Lord will be really useful in the first game for a fast wizard to grab ojectives and vile transference is really nice to have. But I'm worried the list won't have enough punching power without the second block of skeletons. :S 10 Dire wolves are fast and somewhat tanky but they don't do much in the offensive. In the round 2 and 3 I think the skeletons will be more useful because i'll have more places to protect and hold down. In a places of power you want to take 1-2 objectives fast and stay there as long as possible while hunting down ennemy wizard/heroes. In border war you need to hold up at least 3 objectives most of the time. For shifting objectives since the good objectives is always changing having 2 blocks of skeleton in each side of the board can help to respond since they have a slow movement. So I'm pretty set on option #1 for my list. :) I think Game 1 will be the hardest but i'll be stronger for the other 2 games.


Also what do you think about balewind vs pendulum? I like the pendulum for an automatic 2d6 MW when you have the second turn of a round but I also like the extra spell cast and range from the balewind! Fading vigour is really good to shut down charges from a nasty unit in the first turn so with extra range to cast it, it could make a good difference!

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