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1000 points of Free People

Raven Morpheus

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Considering getting into AoS and I would like to start a Free Peoples army at 1000 points initially and spend about £150 to £200 on models, the less the better though.

I usually game with a buddy of mine, we tend to play in an open style (in 40k we don't play matched play, we make an x power army, usually 50 power, and go at it), and I very rarely venture into a GW store or attend a club to play (there don't appear to be any I can get to anyway being in North Essex, UK and being unable to drive).

I'd like to keep the army as Old World Empire as possible, because if I would have started in WFB back in the day The Empire would have been my choice of army...

So, using the Warscrolls Builder this is what I've come up with so far -

1x General on Griffon - indomitable, writ of dominion and shield/greathammer.

2x Freeguild Crossbowmen x10.

1x Freeguild Guard x20 - swords/shields.

1x Helblasster Volley Gun.

1x Steam Tank.

Comes to exactly 1000 points according to the Warscrolls Builder.

I'm not sure how effective it is or if the two war machines are allowed (allies is in red on the Warscrolls Builder when I set them as allies?) but it makes for a visually appealing army in my opinion.

So, would this be at all effective an army?

I've considered using a Freeguild Regiment Batallion, however that would bump the starting point of the army up to 1500pts (rounded up to nearest 500pt value, I had it actually at 1390pts), if I only take the basic number of troops for each unit.  Monetary cost wise it would cost me £170ish.  It would also look rather boring I think as it would be all foot troops, bar 10 horsemen and a general on horseback.

Can anyone offer me some tips on maximising the effectiveness of a 1000pt Free Peoples army?

Thank in advance for any tips/help on this.


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Not sure on the effectiveness of the army but the reason you're allies goes red is due to the limits on allies. In a 1000pt game you're only allowed up to 200pts of allies and only one in every four units in your army can be allies.

You could run the army has a Grey water Fastness army which has rules in the Firestorm box. Basically they consist of a mixture of other factions (in this case free guild and Ironweld arsenal are included) and use both the Order rules as well as the city rules (in this case you'd get to roll a dice each turn for each war machine and on a 6 they'd get to shot in the hero phase as well as the shooting phase).

Hope that helps :)


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Thanks, yes that is a help.

I tried upping my army to 1500-2000 points, and added a unit of Demigryph Knights, another unit of Guard, and I think doubled the Crossbowmen unit size.  Although Allies went black, the monetary cost shot up quite significantly...

Seems putting together a small, "inexpensive" Free Peoples army, is about as easy as putting together a Steel Legion army in 40k using the correct models (which are mostly OOP and quite rare/extortionate on places like evilbay).

Ho hum.  I'll carry on playing around with the Warscrolls Builder see if I can come up with something I like and is legit.

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As mentioned, you have to fit into both allies restrictions which is 200/400/500 pts depending on game format and no more than 1/4 unit taken as allies so if you are willing to take both hellstorm and steamtank in one list you'll have to play 2500

The way I see you cutting the price of your army is this: take a look at cities of firestorm expansion, both Hammerhal and Greywater Fastness will give you great opportunity to build flavourfull and relatively cheap Empire army by getting some artillery pieces from Ironweld Arsenal with engeneers attached to them and some battlemages with endless spells (that you probably can split with your friend btw) those are great models and a lot of fun to play. So basically you can go general on griphon, freegid regiment with min units (since you will not benefit from great companies) and general on foot and everything else being artillery and mages making for a flavourfull Empire-ish army on 2000 points 

With that you will have a lot of options to play smaller games, where I strongly recomend going pure free guild, since they are quite good as gunline army and you want a lot of bodies for lot of shoots. As goes for units - crossbowman and General on bird are probably their best units, if you want to have better chances stick with crossbows for your shooting infantry, they are more effective then handgunners and you will get good rend from artillery anyway. 


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