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Do null deployments count as "drops"?



I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I'd like to make absolutely certain.

When you are declining to set up a unit due to one of any number of rules that allow you to do this (Nighthaunt, Beasts of Chaos, Legion of Night, etc. etc.), do you still declare that unit individually as part of the deployment process or are you allowed to skip it and thus reduce your overall number of "drops"?

To give a concrete example:

Army A: 4 units/battalions total (say, mixed Order with no reserve type abilities)

Army B: 6 units/battalions total (Beasts of Chaos)

Let's say Army A starts deploying first, puts down a single unit and then Army B deploys a unit. After deploying three units, can Army B declare that they are done with deployment because the rest of their army is ambushing? That would give Army B the choice of first turn. Alternately, it could go like this:

Army A - deploy unit 1

Army B - deploy unit 1

Army A - deploy unit 2

Army B - deploy unit 2

Army A - deploy unit 3

Army B - deploy unit 3

Army A - deploy unit 4 (and I'm done!)

Army B - unit 4 is ambushing

Army B - unit 5 is ambushing

Army B - unit 6 is ambushing (and now I'm done)

In this scenario, Army A would get the choice of first turn.

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