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Maggotkin of Nurgle questions



Hello everyone I am new to nurgle and as the army is a bit more complex I need some help with some rules.

Cycle of Corruption question: Start of first battle round I roll and get stage 3-The burgeoning. In my hero phase it does its thing. I then use the spell and reset it to stage 1 will I get to effects of the increased movement(Unnatural Vitality) that same battle round or does it just reset it to stage 1 and then next battle round it moves clockwise to stage 2 and then I get the Fecund Vigour(add 1 to wound rolls)?  Basically, Through spells or abilities can I use the cycle of corruption effect twice in my turn?

Great Unclean One question Putrid offering: Can I use this each time I try to cast a spell or unbind or does it fall into the rule of 1 so buff 1 cast and buff 1 unbind?

Putrid blightkings question- if something gave them +1 to hit would it trigger the exploding 6s on 5s? 


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You get the immmeadiate benefits of where you turn the wheel to so long as you don’t turn it to one that says “at the start of your hero phase” because once you start casting or doing anything that doesn’t happen at start of phase it is no longer the start.  Otherwise you will get the full benefit of say reroll six to wound except nurgle, or the plus “ movement to all nurgle.


and yes you can spam the GUOs knife ability for the plus one as long as he doesn’t kill himself with it 


yes 5s would work with a +1 because 6+ means any positives and negatives to attack affect the roll of the die it is looking for

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