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Doppelganger Cload: Combat broken



"Doppelganger cloak: the bearer cnannot be chosen as the target  of an attack with an enemy melee weapon unless the bearer has made any attacks earlier in the same phase".


Why do I say tha it breaks the rules?

It's because wih a multiple charge it can block part of the models of a unit, maybe even forcing them to piling in towars him, so it creates a problem.

When you want to activate the units in CaC against him,  do you activate only part of such a unit so that you wait  and you "come back" on that unit after the unit with the cloak has attacked in that combat phase or  you lose the attacks against it cause that unit has yet attacks tecnically?

Or do you push back the combat with that unit even interrupting the combat alternate sequence?

It's not so easy as trouble cause it's not so difficult to end the units to alternate in the combat before to arrive to such a unit.


Then there is obviously the other related problem: you place your model with the cloak  to block opponents units so to let your army combat keeping blocked such units creating a gap in the sequence cause they can't attack before hm. 


Techinically is a way to always go first going as last, cause you force the opponent to wait for you.

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