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3rd Party Alternative Fantasy Models


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*apologies if there is already a thread on this I didn't spot it*

I figured it would be good to collect together a general thread where we can chat and share details about various 3rd party model companies (ergo anything that isn't Game Workshop). This might be from full alternative armies, to the odd model here and there through to conversion parts. I'd also say lets throw in basis as well as there are some outstanding base makers out there making some detailed scenery for your models to stand on (and at GW events you can have very decorated bases). Remember this is more than just a list, so its great to see models from mentioned companies if you own them or have used their parts. It's also good to hear of consumer experiences and any difficulties (eg overseas ordering, delays, slow to produce etc...)


A few from my own searching and experience:

1) GT Studios Creations http://gtstudiocreations.com/en/
This company makes models out of resin in two scales, standard 30mm and larger 70mm. Currently they produce ork warband models in a range of sizes and types, from hulking towering monster orks through to more slender warriors and cavalry. Below is a photo comparing one of their 30mm wolfriders with a Doomfire Warlock from GW (both unfinished)


The resin holds detail well and is firmer than some, almost closer to working with plastic (in fact I'd say its a bit tougher than GW plastic). Based on the detail of the wolfrider I've got I'd almost wager that the resin could hold way more detail but that the model is almost made with plastic level detail on it. I've only got the one though so can't say if others have more or less detail overall (and by plastic level I mean GW at their best plastic level detail so its certainly no slouch). 


2) Raging Heroes https://www.ragingheroes.com
Makes a massive series of alternate models for both fantasy and sci-fi. They've a growing spread with a big focus on slaanesh and aelves at present, but its ever expanding and they've also some massive monsters as well (in various scales). Dominantly they are 30mm and are very clearly producing alternate armies for Warhammer/40K.

I don't own any of their models, though I've my eye on a few and I've generally heard good things of what they produce. 


3) Puppetswar https://puppetswar.eu
Makes alternative parts and models, more of a focus on 40K, however they've beasts, insects and some helms that would make suitable conversion material for some fantasy armies and options (eg many of their alternate heads would likely work well on Sigmar or Chaos warriors). 


4) Noctura Models http://nocturnamodels.com
They make a range of models from larger 70mm to regular 30mm; focusing on a boutique style to many of their models, often drawing from popular culture references for some. They also have some vajello paint sets under their name which can prove interesting for those after specific effects. 


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Lost Kingdom Miniatures


chaos dwarves and soon lizzies/Seraphon Daemonkin. Initial thoughts are these guys are ripping off the gw concept, when you look closer you realise those two armies havent seen a release since, honestly There are Tyranids newer than the Lizardmen. Fantastic kits from what I’ve seen online don’t know casting quality myself, the Lizardmen in particular are a stunning army which I would have j7mped into were i not inundated with different Projects.



Mierce Miniatures


Perhaps my faourite third party , huge huge range of minis, beautiful sculpts from masters such as Allan Carassasco and Daniel Cockersell...that enough should convince you. Some cool skaven looking units, some beastmen of many types, vikings, treemen and swamp things, again, huge range really worth a look.



Rotten Factory


Chaos and treemen, im waiting for their trolls and ogors before I make a purchase, full of character, they also have some cool bits and some old school looking Chaos Dwarfs.



Mom Miniatures


Chaos, Orcs, some dwarfs, Dwarf Renegades (different to the Hashut worshippers) and some other bits, Bought a terrain piece and the Chaos warriors pnce, terrain was lovely and a very good proce, Chaos Warriors were a good price but casting could have been better as mould lines were fairly thick. Some good sculpts especilaly the later minis.



Creature Caster


Want a greater daemon, daemon prince or a dragon, or treeman, treewoman, Daemon Princess? Look no further.



Atlantis Miniatures


Ogors, trolls, goblins, Dwarves and some other feral fantasy  beasts. 


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It's not a 100% warhammer proxy (it is sold as their own games), but there is the North Star Figures (they are both a reseller and also make their own games). Most models are single metal wizards and other RPG adventurers, but they lately have been making some pretty neat plastic sets including a Cultist set that many people have been using to convert into 40k.

There currently are 3 "ranges". Frostgrave (northern/snowy theme, their original sets), Oathmark (typical fantasy temperate climate), and Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago (Jungles, Reptile People, and Pirates)











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Great thread! I have a few minis of some stuff listed here, full support to stuff like Raging Heroes, MoM or Mierce! (maybe will put picts?....)

To completed a bit more the list, here are a few others, including other small Spanish ones (really booming in quality for Fantasy):


The place to go for High/Noble Elf kind of minis. Recently did a KS with aaawesome "Albus Custodes " (Swordmasters) and  "Dragon Guard" (Executioners/White Lions?).  They also have regular troops (spears/bows) and characters. Quality looks really really good. Cool Bretonnia/Freeguild models also.



More Spanish stuff, huge range including very complete options for Bretonnia or Chaos Dwarves.... Sort of reminds of MoM, though I prefer the later.



Quite massive range of characters of all types. Also has cool regiments of Chaos Warriors or Dwarves. Characters are metal, good quality. Fair prices for the quality.



I really like their "Northern Alliance" which should be good for Free Guild, including Bear (/demigryph??) Riders!



Great range for Bretonnia (more historical). They recently started a more classic fantasy range with aaawesome humans & undead. Announced some Elves too!



Huge range for many races (humans, undead, elves, orcs, dwarves, etc...), with really beautiful designs, including the coolest Cold Ones ever. Mostly metal, depending on kits I heard different opinions on quality. The company is also infamous for that Heroquest project that went wrong, which doesn't make me feel safe....



Can't say anything about the quality or anything, but their Wood Elves/Sylvaneth look so neat! Also very nice Lizardmen, Skaven and Dark Elves. Someday, maybe...



Well, I guess everyone knows Mantic, which don't always have the errrh... nicest looking models *cough*. But I have to say that the recent KoW Vanguard minis really improved their sculpting quality. I mean, that Giant is one of the best I've seen and the price is a steal! Their Basilean range (for Vanguard) is really nice and their "paladin" kind of look should fit very well with Free Guild allied to SCE. Really have to keep eyes peeled if they start putting out stuff like this.


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Updating with a few pics of untouched terrain, if anyone wonders about quality. These are from MoM Miniatures, they have some of the best terrain for fantasy and extremely varied (Dwarf Statues, Skaven Giant Bell, Elf and Human statues, Orc Totems, Temples, Towers....). As seen below, quality is more than decent and very detailed, just need to some cleaning as usual with resin. To give an idea, those 5 Phoenix Temple-style pieces were going for 15€, and the Herdstone only 10€ (...and better looking than a certain one that go recently released, ehem ehem....).

I'm planning on getting more from them, it's possible to get a load of terrain to have a nice looking table for like 50 bucks.


stone.jpeg.d0f5b1b295700df32f208821596b22c8.jpeg    stone2.jpeg.7897cfe4fba5ea0094eb70a644d9fd5f.jpeg

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Reaper has a huge selection of fantasy miniatures.  They're widely available in North America as they are made in Texas.  They also ship from within the UK if you select the correct currency.  And I believe some UK based resellers stock them.  They sell in both metal and in a slightly flexible PVC material.  The white "Bones" miniatures are decent but the details can be a bit soft on the smallest models with the finest details.  They also sometimes need straightening by submerging in near boiling water and then into cold water to set it once straight.  The larger miniatures are very suitable for the bones material and are often a ridiculously low price.



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How did I forget to list Reaper!! 

Reaper indeed make some great models; their metal models are very well detailed; whilst their Bones material is odd, but can be very affordable. It's best, as you say, in larger models, but can do ok in smaller. It's very much aimed at DnD and other such games where people want a bucket of models but don't really want the price that "proper" models come with. Bones offers a good quality material that holds decent detail levels. Heck I own some dragons from their Bones line and am waiting on some more - the big dragon dioramas are great to see and a lot  cheaper. A £25 bones dragon might be equivalent to a £90 resin dragon from FW or Privateer Press in terms of size. Sure the resin dragon holds greater overall detail, but at the large size the bones one is perfectly acceptable. 

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The four wizards in the back are all reaper bones.  So the detail is acceptable even on most of their smaller models.   Though the left hand of the celestial mage is actually an old dark elf fist as I wanted him to have a metal storm gauntlet that was glowing blue.  I had accidentally damaged the fingers of the original hand removing the mould line there.

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In a similar vein to Reaper Bones, theres also the sheer amount of Board Game Miniatures, many from kickstarters. While still not as detailed as War Game Miniatures, many boardgames have really ramped up the quality ever since the KS insanity from the 2011-2012 era (along with a lot of head aches of course because as it turns out no one had experience with international manufacturing, supply chain, and project management!).

I'd say many of them are pretty passable for wargames, such as miniatures from CMON, Monolith, FFG, and more. It helps that 28-32mm is a very common scale for these figures (though the range can be from 25mm to 35mm).

In fact the Zombicide Black Plague Deadeye Archers were so popular at being a cheap but decent quality undead/skeleton archers that they quickly sold out everywhere (I think they are now OOP).









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@mods: May I suggest this thread being Pinned, please??? It would be very practical to look up the list of manufacturers.


Also, I just discovered Warploque minis, they have a very interesting range of fantasy stuff. Their Bestiary section is particularly impressive!!




^could work as an undead Idoneth Leviadon? Looks sooo cool.


To finish off, if someone is interested in checking what MoM minis look like once painted, I finished an Elf Hero that can easily fit as Nomad Prince or Dragon Noble for AoS. Not only the mini looks waaay better, but the price makes it a no brainer (4€!!!!):






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Apologies for jumping on here, but.. the cat rider from GT studios is a beautiful looking model. I was wondering whether or not the rider was separated from the mount, or if they are connected. Was thinking about using them. Thanks! 

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