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Skirmish INJURIES / EXPERIENCE (and other add-on rules)


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Hey peoples ! 1f642.png? I'm trying to work out some simple additional rules for skirmish, inspired by other GW publications and unofficial mods out there such as Hinterlands.

Here's one for injuries (a la Kill Team but better imo) and another for gaining experience points and levels between games. Would this be the kind of stuff you guys would like to try out during your skirmish games/campaigns ?

Hope to get some feedback and ideas of your own !



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     We’re tinkering with some similar concepts as well, but for our’s we’re sticking to the kill team experience system and level caps. Being able to raise all the way to level 6 seems like to much power, especially if you’re allowing the units to gain more than two experience points per battle. 

     While we’re nowhere close to having anything finished yet, the single greatest “improvement” we’ve made as far was just implementing the kill team turn structure and combat rules. That alone makes it feel like a much more “complete” game. We’ve also carried over the campaign resources system but haven’t fleshed out a true campaign system yet. 

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Sounds great. If I may suggest one improvement, is to contestualize the penalities/bonuses.

For example:

3 - Crippled leg
The fighter suffers a sever injury to one of his legs, that fails to fully heal.
From now on he suffers a permanent -1 to his Move characteristics.

8 - Seasoned by many battles
Horrors of war can make one man less scared of death...

...and so on. 
Just suggestions, and since I'm not native english speaker, wording could surely be better :)

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@SerialMoM Thank you !

I just copy backgrounds from pdf versions of official books and search online for clip art in PNG format. Everything is put together in Indesign. I'm still learning very slowly to make those layouts look somewhat professional. My advice would be to pay very close attention to what other people are doing with the layout for their own rules, be it GW or whoever - the rest is a process of trial and error but it's definitely not one of the hardest things in the world to do, like every software you just need time to get the hang of it. 

My end goal would be to finish a campaign supplement for skirmish with a peculiar setting and using their standard format (specific rewards of battle, terrain tables etc). The challenge is to create all the rules aswell as the clip art, backgrounds, maps and lore. It would be very gratifying to have such an ammount of personal input while still staying true to the AOS system and layout. 

Anyway if you want to share your ruleset, I'd be happy to read through it ! 

As far as my own rules go, I think they're basically finished. In the end I feel obliged to give a big thanks to Hinterlands and its creator, since what I've come up with are basically slight twists to hopefully simplify some of the mechanics from that ruleset and port them to standard AOS skirmish, with most of the same goals in mind. 

Below's a link to the pdf and another for the "easy print" version. :) 



WIP Skirmish Add-On Rules1.jpg

WIP Skirmish Add-On Rules2.jpg

WIP Skirmish Add-On Rules3.jpg

WIP Skirmish Add-On Rules4.jpg

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