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Help with starting Legion of Blood/Night or Legion of Nagash Army


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I recently came into a ton of Death models, so I went ahead and bought the Nagash battletome.   Looking for ideas for building decent lists. I have the following models

Neferata or Mannfred - still on sprues

1  unit of Vargheists

1 unit of Blood Knights

2 units of Black Knights

30 Grave Guard models

60 Skeletons

1 unit of morghast harbingers

1 vampire lord on Zombie Dragon /Prince Vordrai

2 Vampire Lords

2 Wight Kings

1 Necromancer

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You can do a lot with the models you have, what can change quite a lot  is the base on what you build everything, cause listing for each legion make prefer different options.

Neferata can be magnetized^^
So the vampire zombie, but I don't have the video ready yet

Also the morghast harbingers can be magnetized for sure about the weapons (I'm progressing for the other magnetization part too).

You can find also my video about magnetizing the black knights, but I don' know if you still have the hexwraiths.


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On 9/18/2018 at 1:59 AM, krimsynn said:

Looking for ideas for building decent lists.

First approach:

Heros: lord on dragon, vamp, necromancer, wightking 

battleline: 40/10/10 skellis

elite: 2x5 blackknights, 1x5 bloodknights, 2 morghast harbringer 

plan: put the dragon, the harbringer and the bloodknights in ambush. Necromancer vampirelord and king behind the big unit, blackknights on the flanks with 2x10 footslogger behind. All your units on the table are deathrattle, so the bait rule (+1 armor) applies!

then it’s scenario and opponent time... but with vamp and wight you can command +2 attack on a unit and then van hels...

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