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Ghurk Glott

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please forgive me if you see this in each GA forum, as i could not find a general competition forum.

given equal player skill in a GT setting...

what non DoK armys/lists would have the highest possible chances of defeating/countering (non snake/non morathi) optimized witch lists game after game, if any?

please assume you do not care about having any chance of deafeating anything else other than non snake/non morathi optimized DoK witch lists.

kindly grant an old man this one bucket list request.

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Knowing that I would be playing against a Horde army (and a very hard hitting one)

I would probably  go for a horde army which can not only hit very hard but has the option of loosing tons of models.

so hier’s my list.

it contains over 220models and can maybe help you with your problem.

but yeah sadly said this is the only help I can give you since I don’t really play any other army than mixed skaven right now.

hope this’ll help ya.

good luck my friend and happy wargaming.


ps:artifacts I would take with them is the crown of conquest for your plague furnace, the other artifacts which allows you to role a dice for every commandpoint you throw out and on a 5+ you get it back and for the commantrait, I would take cunning deceiver to get a extra command point per turn on a 5+



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