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Wife Tries Age of Sigmar

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So after looking at me like I'm a complete oddball for the last 4 years since I started up tabletop wargaming again, my wife relented and decided to give it a go and see if it's any good.

The results are below!


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Some thoughts - note I did do a bit of jumping around so possibly missed some segments! 

1) First up it looked like you both had a lot of fun which is the most important part of the whole experience! Both in learning the rules and getting to grips with the game, but also in getting into the feel and flow of the battle and the fights and the whole story/lore/fluff side of things. Sure there was some confusion and still some learning to go but it all looked good for a first game! 
Lots of things get easier to learn game to game plus if she builds her own army learning things like unit names and what they look like (esp for her own army) get a lot easier a lot quicker so it halves the amount of "what's that unit" worries as its mostly only the opposing force to learn then. 

2) Casual swearing - It's not a thing that worries me, but if you're looking to make this part of a series of videos it "might" help to try and drop the casual swearing as this might put some off and its not quite  suitable for younger viewers. It's just a little thing but it could hold back the popularity of the video and some forums might not allow you to embed/link (esp without a warning in the thread/title).

3) I know this was a general feel and casual introduction, but it might help to get one of those measuring widgets (that shows things like 3 inches etc...) and to make more use of proper measuring*. It's just that I find whilst it can slow things down a little to get started, it can help people new to the game as the measurements give them exact things to work with which give them nice boundaries to work with. It's easier and better than being all loose with measuring and then suddenly introducing it later (not only can it then feel more of a chore, but it also can mess up their guesswork on how far things can move and such - granted warhammer isn't like Warmachine MKII where you had to be good at eyeballing measurements, but it still ends up being a casual skill). 

4) Might look into getting some status tokens too; they can be a big help with tracking things like negative modifiers and buffs and debuffs etc...  Plus they can be easier for new people to pick up on because instead of seeing dice making everything they can see a different marker for a different thing. Even if they have to confirm what the marker means it still helps them get to grips with the changes in battle. 

5) Hornblower also has a great TV series that was made for it - based on the book. 

6) If your video editing software lets you it might help to use one corner of the screen to insert a text display (or warscroll) when reading details/making attacks. This is just a general thing for battle reports (made a lot easier as GW now openly displays warscroll info for free so you don't have to hide anything). It can just help those watching keep up with what is going on. 

7) Remember to properly honour the dice gods (they are similar to the Gods of Shuffling in MTG) and try not to have yourself do all the dice rolls. Its far more involving for each player to roll their own dice. Plus it can help firm up what's happening at each stage when learning as each stage remains broken down the same - to hit to wound to save etc... Though I did note that this was tending to happen nearer the end as it was that last push toward the finish!

? Great looking terrain and nice to hear the bit at the end about working on more buildings and terrain features! One big joy of AoS over its fantasy earlier version is being able to go heavier on the terrain without it messing up movement and it sounds like you're going to have some great boards to play over in the coming months! 

Army recommendations. Ok so someone in that video said something about liking death and dark magics and such! So Naughhaunt are going to be strongly suggested - heck the whole Grand Alliance DEATH is an entire grand alliance built around zombies, vampires, skeletons and undead weights and ghosts! Plus Nighthaunt has some outstanding models including an undead pegasus and more! 

However I'd also suggest checking out Chaos (for they are also very dark and deathly) and specifically - SKAVEN. Imagine furry death with twisted warpstones! They have all the deathly seriousness of smart cunning rodents mixed with a good touch of quirky madness and fun. Plagues and poxes and vile concoctions that rot your enemies whilst rats charge in swarms to overwhelm and gnaw on their enemies; whilst towering constructs built of flesh and bone and metal and warpstone plough into the enemies mighty warriors. All whilst monks rats dressed in decaying clothes spew noxious fumes and boiling concoctions over to sear and singe and disintegrate their enemies. 
And that's only half of them, the other side of Skaven love warmachines powered by twisted stones infused with chaotic powers. From giant wheels that tumble and twist and crush, to lightning artillery that fire great green bolts of arcing energy across the battlefield. 

If you want a neat bit of flavour check out the book Pestilens by Black Library (or better get Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Omnibus 1 as it has Pestilens and several other books all for the same price as Pestilens alone!) 

Nighthaunt has the bonus in that they've a full battletome whilst Skaven only has one that covers part of their army, however they are a big core force and thus will get more; plus they can run well in a general mixed army of rats! 

*Once you gain a tape measure that has a working lock ;) And manage to keep it out of reach of young hands

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