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[SCE] 650 p vs Khorne


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Hello everybody!

I'm soon gonna make another battle versus my friend who play mortal Khorne.


He have the minis of the base box (bloodreavers, bloodwarriors, bloodstoker, mighty lord, the beast and the guy with the standard who give +1 A to everyone).


So far i fought him with my ogors but that didnt go well.

This time i want to try another style, so i gathered my men:


5 Liberator with hammer and shield, grandhammer on the prime - 100

5 Liberators with hammer and shield, grandhammer on the prime - 100


3 prosecutors with stormcall javeline, trident on the prime - 100


Knight Azyros - 100

That let me with 250 pts to take. This is where my problem begins. I have severals characters but i cant choose between these option:

- buffing more my men: battlemage of amber (+1 to wound) / lord castellant / lord celestant

- debuffing my opponent: battlemage of shadow (-1 to hit) / Darkling covens sorceress (1 mortal wound and -1 to hit) / Idoneth Tidecaster (-1 to hit, d3 mortal wound at the end of the turn) / lord-relictor (d3 mortal wound and -1 to hit, but only 12 feet..)

- sniping the characters of my opponent: battlemage of fire (1/d3/d6 mortal wound) / knight with the bow / other?

I do think that its the best to not mix the option, but i cant choose between wich option is the best, and within it wich character are more useful for my game.

I do want to keep the knight azyros for the d6 mortal wound of the lantern and the bonus (good for the javeline). Also i dont know who to make my general.

Do tou have any tought who can help me to finish my list? I precise that i play with GA order

Thanks for your advices!

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Hi, do u have more other units, no characters?

u have the option to make the azyros the general, or to give him the luck stone, rerolls a dice to shoot that special arrow. This is an artifact.

I tend to go for staunch defender, alongside with a Lord-Castellant, to shine the light on some liberators, combined with the trait, they have a 2+ save rerolling ones.

My advice, make a 10 men squad of libbies, General Lord Castellant with staunch defender, and for 2nd battleline some judicators, but then u are at 660 points, not sure if thats a thing for u guys?

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4 minutes ago, Greven said:

u have the option to make the azyros the general, or to give him the luck stone, rerolls a dice to shoot that special arrow. This is an artifact.

That's a Knight Venator, the Azyros is the winged lantern bearer.


For the final 250 points, I think I would either go with a Relictor/Castellant and some Hurricane Raptors, or an Incantor + Ballista. 

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Since most of his units hit like wet noodles (though liberators suffer from same issue, but at least have GHammers) I would reccomend taking judicators (if you own some) with bows, over prosecutors, therefore putting libs into single squad, taking castellant for +1 save and for left 80 points something like castigators or anyallied shooting unit (freeguild with militia weapons maybe?)
For traits and artefacts - Staunch on azyros because of larger base and Strife Ender on castellant for +2 attacks against CHAOS to give them good beating
And for strategy - turtle behind 2+ save libies and shoot down Khorgorat-Mighty Lord-Bloodsecrator, while grinding down anything else
Here is the list for clearer understanding:

Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals

Knight-Azyros (100)
- General
- Trait: Staunch Defender 
Lord-Castellant (100)
- Artefact: Strife-ender 

5 x Judicators (160)
- Skybolt Bows
- 1x Shockbolt Bows
10 x Liberators (200)
- Warhammer & Shield
- 2x Grandhammers

3 x Castigators (80)

Total: 640 / 750
Extra Command Points: 2
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 47

Dont mind the additional command points, if you are playing 650 they won't exist, it's just the builder that does not allow to set such points format

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Thanks all! 


The game was last evening, we did the battleplan where every turn a comet strike the ground, and whoever have the more bodies at 3 ft win victory points (1 for the first turn, two for the 2nd turn, etc).

At the end of the 5nd turn there was only stormcast on the table, but eventually i lost because of the victory points.

To complete the 250 pts, i took a lord-relictor (for the -1 to hit) and a battlemage with the fireball (to snipe the enemy characters with mortal wound).

In the end, i really should have taken the lord-castellant for the +1 save. 4+ reroll ones is not so great, especially vs the attacks with rend. I was disappointed by the battlemage: he launched only once the spell, and make just a mortal wound. So much for 120pts. Its really a random attack.

Its the same for the lord-relictor, he managed to success only once his prayer. No luck.

The MVP of the game was the knight-azyros: his lantern did not less than 19 mortal wound! (all of his units and charachters where in the 10ft, except for the khorgorath). And he killed himself 2 blood warriors, the mighty lord and the khorgorath (5 att, 3+ reroll 1, 3+, -1, D2). His bonus of rerolling ones to hit was priceless, for everybody. Really, the man of the match.

The liberators did OK. The prosecutors didnt do much... Maybe with celestials hammers and one special weapons are they better?


Anyway, should i do it again now, i will change several things. The lord-castellant seems to be auto-include. I'll keep the azyros, but maybe not for General if i have the castellant. And instead of a third hero, i probably took more body, so yeah castigators seems fun.

That will do something like: 



5 Liberator with hammer and shield, grandhammer on the prime - 100

5 Liberators with hammer and shield, grandhammer on the prime - 100


3 prosecutors with Celestials Hammers, Grandhammer on the prime - 100

3 Castigators - 80


Knight Azyros - 100

Lord-Castellant - 100

- 580 pts. I'm 70 pts short, but i think there is no unit at this cost...

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