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De-Teching the Mighty Skullcrushers


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     So I’ve had a couple boxes of Skullcrushers kicking around for a few weeks now, and I decided to go ahead and start building a Brass Stampede. When I open the box, the first thing I notice are pistons and other mechanical bits along the legs. Now I don’t mind a little steampunk in my fantasy (love the Overloards models) but only if it fits within the narrative and the aesthetics of the rest of the force. Something like a clockwork bird wouldn’t bother me in a KO army but in a horde of crazed barbarian berserkers? Uhm... NO.

     I thought about slapping some green stuff over these exposed bits and sculpting muscular legs, but my skills in that department are VERY raw. Does anyone have any other ideas to hide the tech bits on these models? If I just painted them in an animal hide kinda paint scheme would it help disguise these (hideous) flaws?

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