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New to AoS 2 - 1k point list tips for StD

Thomas Orr

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Hello everyone, 

So I am pretty new to AoS and played a few games already but looking for some advise on a 1k point Army list for a tournament coming up soon. I have mostly StD models but just brought some blades of khorne also so thought I would put down the models I have available and see if anyone has some ideas they can throw at me!?


1x Chaos Sorcerer Lord On Manticore

2x Chaos Sorcerer Lord (on foot)

1x Lord of Chaos (on foot)

1x Lord of Chaos on Daemonic Mount

1x Daemon Prince

40x Marauders (axes) 

10x Marauder Horseman

30x chaos warriors (sword and shield)

5x Chaos warriors (dual hand weapons)

10x chaos Knights (glaive)

5x chaos knights (esorcerlled weapons)

5x chosen

1x gorebeast chariot


1x Mighty Lord of Khorne

1x Bloodsecrator

1x Bloodstoker

1x slaughterpriest (with hackblade and wrath-hammer)

5x Blood Warriors

10 x Bloodreavers

10x Flesh Hounds

1x Khorgorath

I am happy to run straight StD or Blades or Khorne or have a mixture of both....

Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

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There’s a few fun lists in there! How about:


Sorceror Lord on Manticore, 10 marauder horsemen, 5 chaos knights, 5 chaos knights, 10 flesh hounds, 1 gorebeast chariot. STD allegiance.

UBER WARRIORS (heavy infantry)

Chaos Lord on Manticore, Bloodsecrator, 30 chaos warriors, 20 marauders. (Either allegiance)


Slaughterpriest, 30 Chaos Warriors, 40 Marauders, 10 flesh hounds

BEASTMASTER GENERAL (thematic - Just because the mighty lord of Khorne model should have a pack of flesh hounds!)

Mighty Lord of Khorne, Bloodstoker, Bloodsecrator, Slaughterpriest, 10 flesh hounds, 40 marauders, 5 Chaos Knights (khorne allegiance)


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