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Greetings from Spain


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Good morning everyone!

My name is Miguel and Im from Spain. Im somewhat new to Sigmar (started with Soul Wars) but I love it, specially the parts Ive never practiced on other hobbies (painting, building, conversions...) I play Nighthaunt (big surprise) that Im slowly moving into Nagash to have more options to play. My biggest negative to the hobbie is a personal one and it is that I just cant play this game as much as I would want to. Between my job and the fact Im studying a master degree I have little time to play. Plus, in my city (Cordoba) comunity isnt that much active to play... Starting a league in 2 weeks lets see how much players are!

My favourite model to play is Guardian of Souls, my favourite model to paint was Reikenor and my favourite model from a pure aesthetic look is the Black Coach (although vampire lord on zombie dragon should be arriving next week and that may change things). Thanks everyone and see you around!

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