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Gnarlroot Wargrove allied Wizard



Can a allied Wizard in a Gnarlroot Wargrove cast Verdurous Harmony? The Battalion Warscroll states: 

 "Each Gnarlroot WIZARD also knows the following spell: VERDUROUS HARMONY [...]" (Gnarlroot Wargrove Warscroll under MAGIC)

 So the conditions a amodel has to statisfy in order for being allowed to cast Verdurous Harmony seem to be:

1. The model is part of the Gnarlroot Wargrove Battalion

2. The model has the WIZARD keyword on its Warcroll

I recently found out that allied Wizards are not allowed to pick a spell from the Deepwood Spell Lore (Sylvaneth Discussion, page 23). Verdurous Harmony not being a spell from the Deepwood Spell Lore though, I would appreciate any comments on this matter.



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