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Slaves to Darkness Build Question(s)


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Hi all, I'm brand new to Age of Sigmar and I'm starting a StD army; I really enjoy the classic aesthetic of the army.

I just wanted to get more experienced opinions on the viability Chaos Knights with glaives and also on which chariot build is more effective (gorebeast or original). 

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Glaive Knights are great as long as you get the charge.

Gorebeast chariots tend to outdo normal chariots. You really only need normal chariots if you want to go full chariot since they're battleline.

Though the problem with slaves is that they tend to be a tad better in god marked lists. Khorne loves cavalry and has a great many ways to buff them/ But they're not horrible in slaves, can still use chaos lords and chaos warshrines to hand out buffs.

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