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What is a fair price for a Rhinox Thunderlord?


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One way to find out is to go on ebay and search for completed listings and look at what prices they've sold at second hand. Rarer models might be harder to price. 


Also bare in mind if its been assembled the price will go down; if its been painted it goes down even more. This is because most people will strip paint and want to start fresh with a model (unless its paintwork is utterly outstanding). 

HOWEVER if its a model in resin or metal that is no longer sold then its price can go up; sometimes all teh way to its original brand new price and sometimes higher still if its a popular model. That's why checking ebay helps as it should give you some idea of the popularity.



Remember look at sold listings not advertised prices; many places advertise a high price on a model, but might never actually sell it at that price. Those retailers are prepared to wait for a sale so have no problem pricing high .

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