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Events UK: Justice Series GT


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Event Title: Justice Series GT
Event Author: JustPlay-Ritchie
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 03/30/2019 12:00 AM to 03/31/2019 12:00 AM

The Justice Series GT

The Justice Series GT is a 2-day, 64 player event run by JustPlayGames in Liverpool, aka Ian and Ritchie from the JustSaying Age of Sigmar Podcast. The Justice Series of Age of Sigmar tournaments have been running in Liverpool for over 12 months and we thought that it was high time we ran a major event.

Ticket Details Tickets can be purchased from our website – click this link!

Tickets cost £50 and there are 64 places available for this event.

Saturday Night Social 

We will be holding a "lock in" on the Saturday night after the main event at our store JustPlay located just a 5 min walk from the venue. With space to relax play games but most of all enjoy some beers on us and a meal served from by our chef from our new kitchen and its all FREE!

Fill in our form HERE to check out the menu options and order your meal.

Venue and Location

The event will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Centre, located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. It's directly opposite the national rail station (Lime Street) and with weekend parking for just £6 per day, it is extremely well suited for travellers. Likewise, if you stay in another area of the city centre or elsewhere in Liverpool the transport links and parking are ideal for hassle-free access.


The well-equipped conference suite has a bar and restaurant where you can eat and drink, as well as being situated directly on top of a food court and shopping centre with a McDonalds, KFC, Subway, healthy options, chinese buffet, multiple coffee shops and more besides! Due to this easy availability we've decided not to include food with the event, so that you can choose what you'd like to eat. Tables & Terrain All of our tables feature premium neoprene gaming mats and a great mix of high-quality official and custom terrain. We want to offer a premium experience for attendees, and if you take a look at these pictures, I’m sure you’ll agree that our tables are going to look fantastic!



We’ve partnered with Lambda Design to produce some awesome custom trophies for this event – here’s a sneak peak of some of them, follow us on Twitter @justplaygamesuk, Twitter hashtag #jsgt and Instagram justplay_liverpool for more sneak peaks and pics!


There will be awards and prizes for: Gaming The top ranked players at the event of the event will receive the following awards:

  • 1 st Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy and £100 JustPlay Store Credit
  • 2 nd Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit
  • 3 rd Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy

Best General in Grand Alliance (Swiss Top 3 Excluded):

Custom Justplay Trophy

Painting & Hobby

The painting and hobby awards section of the Justice GT will feature:

Best in Show, the best painted army as selected and judged by our expert judging panel!

• 1st Place: Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit

• 2nd Place: Winners’ Certificate and £25 JustPlay Store Credit

• 3rd Place: Winners’ Certificate and £10 JustPlay Store Credit

Coolest Army, the most awesome army as voted for by the players!

• Custom JustPlay Trophy and £25 JustPlay Store Credit Results from the event will be submitted to the Pro Painted rankings!

Favourite Opponent

At the end of round 5 each player will be asked to the opponent that they thought was the most fun to play against over the weekend. This maybe because of a hilarious interaction during the game, a really fun opponent or just a fantastically close game of Age of Sigmar – the criteria is up to you, and this is NOT a sportsmanship vote, but a vote for the game and opponent that you enjoyed the most!

The player with the most votes will receive a Custom JustPlay Trophy and £50 JustPlay Store Credit!

You can download the full rules pack at this Link!

We'll be putting out more information as we go about the event, including talking about it on the podcast and getting plenty of pictures up on Twitter!
So go ahead and book your tickets Click this Link!

Signups and List Submission

After purchasing a ticket, sign up and submit your lists on tabletop.to here. All lists must be submitted by the 27/03/19, 11:59pm. Check out our guide below on the format we require your list in and how to signup and submit. If you require any assistance with list submission, please contact us (see contact details at end of document). Interesting lists will be discussed on the JustSaying Podcast!


Look forward to seeing you there,

Ian and Ritchie

Justice Series (3).png


Justice Series GT





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Sign ups so far thanks to everyone who has helped get this off the ground!

  1.  Luke Power
  2. Nathan Foster
  3. James Tinsdale
  4. Tom Healey
  5. Andrew Thompson
  6. Ben Baugh
  7. Andy Hughes
  8. Sam Watson
  9. Andy Lampkin
  10. Jack Spencer
  11. Matt Mcdonnell
  12. Tony Moore
  13. Tony Moore
  14. Johannes Biniok
  15. Thomas Waller
  16. Andy Toben
  17. Josh Gates
  18. Stuart Miller 
  19. Stuart Miller +1
  20. James Chalmers
  21. Richard Hudspith
  22. Kyle Brunskill
  23. Graham Shirlie
  24. Brandon Watkins
  25. Joe Mott
  26. Rob Boyce 
  27. Laurie Hugget-Wilde
  28. Micheal Wilson
  29. Mike Bennett
  30. Tom Fildes
  31. Lewis Sloan
  32. Mike Hanlon
  33. Andy Davies
  34. Liam Williams
  35. Matt Tinsdale
  36. Christian Kewin
  37. Craig Carlton 
  38. Will Spencer
  39. Owen Jackson
  40. Raja Brothwood
  41. Aiden Clieve 
  42. Gary Percival
  43. Tom Lees
  44. JP Stevens
  45. Robert Hull
  46. Benjamin Savva
  47. Lewis Sloan +1
  48. Andrew Campbell



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Hey I wrote a quick article with some advice on hotels and accommodation in the city this week hope this can be some help. But really want to echo the brilliant accommodation people have been finding on Airbnb.

Also tickets are selling great thanks for all those who have picked them up so far approaching the 40 attendee mark now!


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Signups and List Submission are now available HERE a quick guide is below

Also if you are attending our Saturday Night Social we also have our food orders open you can check out the menu and order HERE

Full Details of the above and signup guides are located in the original post

Don't forget we still have tickets available which you can buy HERE

event signup details (1).png

event signup details.png

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