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A Belated Hello...


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Hi there everybody! 

I'm Jason, from Texas. Been floating around (wrote a couple of blog posts so far), but just now getting to writing up one of these new member threads. Kind of late, I know, but better late than never, right? 

Used to play fantasy (Lizardmen), never really got in to 40k (the rulebook scared me to no end, and meant that I could never find anyone to play with anyways). I enjoy painting, but don't do it particularly well. Enjoy playing, but rarely have the time to do so. Love the new AoS lore, and have been gradually working my way through the Realmgate Wars novels in audiobook form during my commute. 

So far, I'm mostly blogging about tactics and such here on TGA, but soon I hope to upload my progress on my own Stormcast army -- I've been painting it the hard way, by mixing my own paints out of primary acrylics. It's crazy, but also lets me get back to my old art school days before music took over my life and I settled into teaching. 

Great to meet y'all, 


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