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Battleplan Cards ?


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5 hours ago, Keith said:

Has anyone made any Battleplan Reference cards ?

I'm getting tired from carrying the big Heavy rulebook and the Generals handbook around.

Why couldn't they put all the Battle plans in one book ?

I don't think many people have created their own cards as GW released a set of Battleplan cards with the Warlords version of the Generals Handbook.  Completely agree that it massively reduces the amount of stuff you need to carry round!

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The warlord edition cards ive always found really handy, not that ive ever used anything but the standard matched play ones.  Its great to have the scenario to hand on the table so you and your opponent can quickly double check conditions etc if you are unfamiliar, or during a tournament where you can easily become confused. Worth the extra price for the warlords edition, vs. just photocopying the relevant pages?  personal preference.

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