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Mixed Order Army for sale


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2000 point Age of Sigmar mixed order army ready for matched play and for any AOS2 event/tournament. Army is at least 3 colours and based nicely with painted sand/tufts. 

Army consists of: 

Big and Little Morathi 
2 Anointeds on Frostheart Phoenixes
1 Tenebrael Shard (Sword of Judgement goes here) 
1 Knight Incantor 
Geminids endless spell 
Everblaze Comet endless spell 
3units of 10 arkanauts with 3 converted light skyhooks each (resin Tesla coils on irondrake guns) 
2 units of 10 skinks 
5 Khinerai Heart renders 

This army was recently awarded the Badge of shame as the filthiest army present at Scotland's largest independent tournament, Northern Invasion. It utilises some of the best, toughest and most broken warscrolls available to the Order allegiance. 

If you buy this army, your friends and regular opponents will hate you. ?

looking for £250 posted to anywhere within the UK for free.








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