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If you could change one thing - 1500p LoS


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In the interest of staying true to my own ideas (and painted models), I would like to play a game of ‘if you could only change 1 thing’. Here’s the list-


Vampire Lord on zombie dragon


spirit torment



10 skeletons

10 skeletons


Other units: 

10 hexwraiths

3 spirit hosts

4 chainghasts - allies


endless spells:

chromatic cogs


1490 points total


The one thing I am not going to change is the units of chainghasts as I want the oppertunity to test them out. 

The armies in this format can have 2+ battleline and can use endless spells. All realm specific rules are banned, which makes the vlozd slightly worse. 

My own idea was to get hexwraiths and spirit hosts into combat turn one with cogs and reroll charges from vlozd command trait. 


You are welcome to interpret ‘one change’ however you like, and you can cheat all you want, I don’t mind :p



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