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Help picking an AOS army


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Hey everyone, I'm looking to start getting into Age of Sigmar, but am struggling to find an army I like. A lot of what I would have liked seems to have been removed?


Things I Iike

Fast cavalary (maurader horsemen, Doomfire warlocks, Sisters of thorn)

Things with movement abilities (Aetherwings, skinks)

Mid-range shooting (stomrcast vanguard units)

Being tricksy with  room to grow as I get better at the game. 

At least some kind of buffing game (spells, prayers and/or command abilities)

Opportunity to convert things (but I could probably figure this one out)


Things I don't like

Painting hordes of something. 

The aesthetic of a lot of the destruction forces. 


Things I don't necessarily mind

Expensive/hard to find. 

Losing a bunch of games with not necessarily the most competitive army


I'm struggling, because I think I'd find myself draw to some kind of High Elf, Dark elf or wood elf style army but they all got broken up! Daughters of Khaine is somewhat appealing, but the builds I see seem to be mostly witch elf hordes... Is 'Aelf' playable at all? A lot of the stormcast cavalry feels far too heavy and not really like cavalry. Just bigger sturdier stormcast variants. 

I'm also struggling a little to figure out what to start with in terms of getting the rules for any faction without a start collecting and a recent battle tome. It feels a little scattered? I'm kinda tempted by some sort of order soup but can't seem to figure out where I'd even go to get the rules for that, and they all seem to start with some sort of horde battle-line.... I hear word that these 'reavers' are fun and seem right up my ally, but I don't really find much more discussion of them and they aren't on the GW website?


Thanks for any help, this is my first post here, so please move this if I put it in the wrong forum. 

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For your mid question, aelf forces are very good right now and have beautiful models. They are good even before you consider realm spells, endless spells, or Free Cities from firestorm which is good for elves.

They have lots of tricks, are model light, do good magic, and are fun to paint and convert.

Id recommend going to the Order subforum and read up on the Free Cities and the aelf sub threads.

I look at the splits as very manageable and will be great if they ever get Daughter of Khained (old models mixed with new) or Legion of Nagashed (old models with new abilities).

Right now, Id say pick 2 to 3 of your favorite sub groups and build your army with them. The batte line is where you can do conversions.

Aelf battleline now is; glade guard, 3 dark elf types with xbows/swords/spears, and reavers. I can see building other spear or sword elf kits, and just say they are the darkelf ones. Or buy those, change the heads and shields.

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Only Skaven are the best.

play them have fun with them, the combination of how you want to play them is unlimited.

you don’t like hordes, then skaven skyre or moulder is something for you.

if your not to much interested in playing a skyre or moulder force, then just mix them.

with mixing a skaven Force you will have unbelievable much free space in how you’ll build your army.

want a unit of Stormvermins, because they look cool buy em.

want some rat ogre in your army because they make you feel big and strong?, no problem with a skaven force, only your imagination is your limit.



also converting clanrats to weapon teams etc. Is very fun, and can be very easy.


Play skaven now.

skaven are the ultimate army.

believe me skaven are the best and can fulfill your wish.

I know you want them so just start playing them .



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@Frowny don't mind Skreech he's kind of mad (too much warpstone/pestilence) (we really need to get the admin to give him a custom user title thingy). Though skaven are very neat!


There is a lot of messy bittiness to AoS at present; when it launched originally a lot of factions got shattered into sub-factions and the general view was that AoS was going to end up a boutique line of models without rules (the launch rules were quite literally a joke) with regular cycling in and out of production of models. 

That, thankfully, ended and new management at GW has given AoS a VASTLY better future now! It has proper rules and GW are steadily updating it. Last year was a big year for 40K and it dominated many of the release slots with new Codex as GW pushed their new edition forward with a massive update of the rules for all factions for the game. That is mostly completed now and whilst AoS got some big releases then, the hope is that GW can now have more free time to dedicate toward giving AoS the big clean up it deserves. So some groups like the Aelves and the Skaven and many others might well get Battletomes or similar to help combine some of the myriad of loose forces into proper armies once more. 


The Aelves are indeed in one of the bigger current messes with only Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth being "fixed" factions at present. That said the others should be safe, but might change over time. But they've got horses in reavers and dragon knights; they've got huge phoenix, dragons, eagles! 


Reavers you can find second hand, if you are UK based drop me a pm as I've got 10 unbuilt up for trade. 

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