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Warcraft 3/WoW Scourge unit equivalents to AoS Death units


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I hope to do a vampire lead vampire based scourge army. I'd love to do the Scourge like color-scheme and free hand their symbol on the skeleton banners. I think the blue necrotic glow could be really, really cool looking in their eyes and mouth, like some units in the cinematics and in WoW. Looking forward to bringing the scourge into real life with real miniatures and play a bit of WC3 on the table top :)



Dreadlord (Vampire Lord possibly?)

Crypt Lord: (Nothing, maybe something from Tomb Kings)

Lich: (Arkhan/Nagash)

Death Knight: (Wight King on Skeletal Steed)

Ghoul: (FEC Ghoul :P)

Crypt Fiend:  (Nothing, I don't think there are any undead spoders.)

Gargoyle: (Vargheists or Crypt Flayers)

Abomination: (Maybe Crypt Horror...? Not sure if there's "compiled corpses to make a giant monster" like equivalent in AoS)

Meat Wagon: (Corpse Cart, sort of. It's probably not an artillery role like in WC3, but same idea-roughly.)

Obsidian Statue: (Nothing, unless it's in the Tomb Kings range..?)

Destroyer: (MAYBE Morgheists, visually, but probably not really anything. They're more like flying Sphinxes.)

Necromancer: (Necromancer lel)

Banshee: (Myrmourn Banshee or Tomb Banshee)

Frost Wyrm: (Zombie Dragon!)

Shade: (Chainrasp Hor/de)

Infernal (Nothing.)

Skeleton Warrior: (Skeleton...Warrior :P)

Skeleton Mage: (Not sure ?

Carrion Beetle (Nothing that I am aware of!)

San'layn (Neferata, Mannfred, Vampire Lord)

Worgen: (...Dire Wolves? lol)

Vrykul: (Grave Guard...? Do we have big undead vikings..?)

Zombie: (Zombie)

Wraith: (Spirit Host)

Wight: (Crypt Horrors..?)

Flesh Titan: (Not sure...)

Flesh Giant: (Not really certain...)

Cyborg: (Nothing)






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If you play narrative and just want to field WoW3-Style you can go GA:Death and proxy...

TK have bone giants and catapults...

also grab moonclan spiderriders and cut them to pieces, patch in some bone joints and voila... use black knight rules or bloodknight rules, whatever fits best


mix and match whatever you find and can undeadify, slap appropriate rules on them and you‘re ready to Rock& Roll 

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8 hours ago, AlphaKennyThing said:

For skeleton mages do Chaos Sorcerer Lords with skull heads.

For Death Knights use Chaos Knights.

We already have Black Knights though haha. 

Thats a good idea though, skull heads on Chaos Sorcerer Lord. 

These suggestions are all good ones :) 

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