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Teaching my children to paint


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     I brought my kids on board games and comic books. We regularly play games together and they love games with miniatures. So, now that I’m starting to get (back) into warhammer they decided they liked the miniatures and want to play as well. Each of them have already picked a faction they like and gotten a starter set for them.

     My younger two have already finished assembling their models and are ready to start painting them (well more like itching to paint them) but I really haven’t been able to figure out how to explain the painting process. While I can paint my own models well enough for my satisfaction I’m far from proficient (I call it tabletop minus level). Can anyone suggest a good miniature painting guide or tutorial I could show them?

     The two who are ready to start are 10 and 14 so it doesn’t have to be aimmed specifically at children, but it cannot go too in depth with technical terms under the assumption the audience will know them.

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@ManyBothans- Thanks for the link, my youngest especially just wants to slap on base color and be ready to play so the build and paint video may be just the thing for her.

@AlphaKennyThing-Sylvaneth start collecting box and Nighthuant half of the Soul Wars boxed sets are ready for painting. My eldest got the Malignants sc box but hasn’t assembled it yet (she wants to paint and play but wants me to assemble the models for her).

     My middle one is the worst/best one so far. Not only is she itching to start painting she’s also gone through the GW website and picked out several more kits she wants to add to her army.

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