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Can I build both a Grand Blade and Grandhammer out of one sprue of liberators?


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I've been building my "accidental" Stormcast army (between the two Starters and the Nurgle box, turns out you get quite a few of them). I have 15 Liberators (appreciate they are not optimal, but smoke if you got them right)? I've also added in the models from Shadespire, so have one Grandhammer. 

As such, I really could do with two more Grandhammers... but the only way to get them is to grab a box of ten more Liberators. Which then leaves me in a fairly similar situation. 

The box comes with the sword versions too,  but I am not sure if you can build four special weapons out of the box to give me the options to have an extra squad fully armed with swords. 

Do both grand weapons share any components/only fit on one body? 

Sadly google has failed me for a scan of the assembly guide, and the sprue is a little vague in confirming either way. 

Anyone got a scan, or done the same thing? 

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12 hours ago, Ciciek said:

Im 99% sure that you can make both grand weapons as they use different arms.

I remember having grandhammer with arms spare after gluing grandblade.

Nice one, ta. 

I had another look at the sprue online and it does look like there are two different component sets for the weapons. 

61+62 look like they make the hammer
63+64+65 look like they make the sword. 

All the torsos look the same too (like the Judicators) so I reckon I'm fine. 

Thanks for the info :)

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