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How come the Ruinstorm Daemons don't have AoS profiles?


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Title says it all.

Now I know the main reason is that the Ruinstorm daemons are technically named characters of the Horus Heresy, relying on the Ruinstorm to be manifested. But they still have normal 40k profiles, and it is not like they're wielding technology. 

Now on the flip side, the AoS Daemons also have no 40k rules. While it is nice to have some AoS specific stuff, seems kind of weird to limit daemons to one game or the other, especially since they don't care about the whole Soul Grinder thing (though that doesn't extend to other machine hybrids like Plague Hulks or Forgefiends). You'd think to sell maybe half a dozen more, they'd give some rules for both games other than using them as proxies for generic daemons.

Anyone here use Ruinstorm daemon prince models for AoS?

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Well, the Giant Spined Chaos Beast has been available on FW website until very recently, and never had a warscroll...

Also, on allowing the use of models across multiple games, doesn't seems to me that  taking advantage of the opportunities is a skill GW has developed very well.
I mean, it took more than a year to have on a WD rules to use Genestealer Cults from DW:O in Space Hulk! It's a thing that should be available right on release date (and maybe make models in colored plastic), along with rules to use the Deathwatch marines too in Space Hulk.  Space Hulk probably is, besides Shadespire and Blood Bowl, the most played game by "non hobbysts" and possibly the most played among "pure boardgamers". Marketing DW:O as a possible expansion to Space Hulk would had sell quite a few boxes more, imho.
Same for Warhammer Quest. Besides two lousy boxes oh "heroes" and a deck of foes, they never drawed from their IMMENSE range of ready-on-the-shelves models to expand the game. WHQ it's the kind of game that could have been greatly benefited by a constant support on the pages of White Dwarf.
And the possibilities are endless: why don't expand Gorechosen to other models? Why don't expand it to other Chaos Gods' champions or even other Alliances ones? Lore-wise, they could just be esplained as "captured" heroes thrown in the pit for the amusement of the Blood God.

Really, I fail to understand. They have an immense range of models, they could draw more people in and/or get more sales by "cross-breeding" in their games models they have already on the shelves. They also already have their own magazine, that's the perfect platform to do it.  And it will also add value to the mag itself. I really fail to comprehend.
But considering the overall commercial success GW seems to have, probably I'm wrong and this wouldn't be the right thing to do...

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These daemons would indeed fit great in AoS, none of them has futuristic tech on , i don't see why they wouldn't incorporate them to the game and benefit from more sales.


@gabbi Really sad that the Giant Chaos Spined beast doesn't have a proper warscroll while miniatures that were out of production for years before Age of Sigmar do. I had even emailed Forgeworld about it before they removed it from their webstore and they never answered back.

Going to use mine as a gigantic chaos spawn for the time being.

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