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Allied Battalion (Nighthaunt Battalion in LoN)




I had an idea for a thematic Deathrider Army which combines Nighthaunts in a Legion of Sacrament Allegiance.

in Short I want to ally the „Deathrider“ NH Battallion.

my questions are:

Is that possible?

does my battalion get the better Version of Wave of Terror (in this special case?).


the list is purely for fun and lore games though I want to make the List work in matched play.

if it works I‘d start converting my hexwraiths into mounted spectral Knights


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Everything in the battalion, and the points for the battalion itself, are allies.  This means that it cannot fit in a 2000 point matched play game.  You need a 4200 pt+ game for this to be matched play legal, at minimum unit sizes.  You could include it at a large open play game.

Also, the hexwraiths would not benefit from the gravesites, as they those cannot affect allies.  I don't see why the wave of terror would not still apply.

So technically you can include it, but not in any semi-competitive setting and it would not be good.  

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1 minute ago, King Taloren said:

You could run it like that. Just be giving up all of your allegiance abilities for only the Grand Alliance Death ability. No spells or anything from sacrament or nighthaunt outside of the battalion and the warscrolls.

But my battalion would have Wave of Terror :D.

Magic might be compensated by Realm Magic

Might be worth a try (though not having gravesites hurts)


Thanks for the help!

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