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Custom Stormcast Pauldrons


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     I’ve found scores of websites selling custom bits for space marines but precious few selling anything custom for fantasy games. Does anyone know where I can find some custom shoulder pads for my stormhost which actually match the default ones? Or even better know where I can get some made? I messaged a few people on Shapeways who made custom space marine bits but either got no answer or a generic “yeah space marine stuff works” kinda replies. 

     I’m attempting to build a massive Stormcast army (will be a very slow build kinda project) and honestly I’m not thrilled with the bulk of the army bearing lions then a couple of units having bears and a single hero with an eagle. I’m making press mold duplicates of the Venator pad to use on all of Justicar Conclave units. Will use the default lions for redeemers, and debating on the bear for either the exemplar or angelos conclaves. This leaves me wanting for another option for the final group and I’m not sure what I will do yet. 

     If anyone has any ideas for totem animals or has a source for pads that match those already used by the models I’m open to suggestions. I’ve already tried sculpting my own dragon head shoulderpad using a D&D dragon model as the sacrifice but it didn’t come out that great (and the press mold failed big time).

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