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Greetings from SW Louisiana


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Hello All,

     I’ve been collecting and playing games for well over 30 years now. Tried a bit of warhammer fantasy back in the early-mid 90’s but fell out of it and was mostly a (big box) board gamer and role player with occasional spurts of wargaming. Recently started to get back into Warhammer with Age of Sigmar, and honestly I’m thrilled to see how the company has changed in the years since I’d quit playing WFB and Bloodbowl. 

     I’ve already got quite a collection of unassembled plastic I need to put together and still more I need to get painted. I’ve been a lurker on this forum for a little while now (this community is a large part of what lead me back into GW games) and have found it a great resource for painting techniques and ideas. 

     I’m located near the Tx/La border between Orange and Lake Charles if there are any gamers local to me looking to play sometime.

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     Nothing super original. Currently I’m working on two main armies, a custom Stormhost and a Grand Chaos army, but I’ve also got a couple of start collecting sets for my kids, a couple of kill teams, and several big box games that need to be assembled or painted. 

     I’m mostly working on the Khorne faction of my chaos army right now while tinkering with my Stormcast trying to find/make the parts I need. Once I’ve got a playable, painted Khorne army done I’m going to finish up two kill teams, one of the Warhammer Quest boardgames, and a playable Stormcast force. 

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