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NEWBIE Competitive Nagash Help


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hi im relatvely new to AoS, i have some ironjawz but wanted more diversity in units so i dove into death

currently i have 1 wight king, Nagash, 1 mortarch magnetized, 30 skellies with spears, 10 grave guard, 2 morghasts , 15 direwolvesand half a soulwars

can anyone help me out with some general advice?


How do i keep nagash alive?

what spells do i give him?

do i need other wizards with him to make him worth it?

Does nagash + Arkhan work out?

if i have to choose a realm spell whats a good one for nagash?

what do i cast out of the ubmral spell portal?

how does the army function?, still aseembling my minis but how should i deploy my gravesites etc, does anyone have some tactic there or something i should know about


any and all help will be appreciated thanks ! :D

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