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Overview of the tournament scene


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First of all, thank you @LLV for compiling these lists - it's super interesting, and really helpful. 

These show a general overview of the tournament scene in AoS2. Hope people find them interesting, and I think that they point strongly towards LoN dominating the meta, followed by DoK. 





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I wondered when this would make it onto here lol.

First up shout out to The Honest Wargamer for facilitating the data. If you dont watch the show you should - Monday's from 7pm-11pm UK time for AoS, Tues 7pm-10pm for Hobby and Thurs 7pm-11pm for 40K. 

Next shout out to the community TO's that helped me by providing the raw data. James S on here (and TO John) for Wargamescon, Rhellion for helping with Meltdown, CanHammer Darren for CCBB, Flukesy for help on Northern Invasion and Joe Krier for NOVA results. All you beautiful people were also mentioned on the show. I realized that I really also should have given props to the event organizers that did a great job of publishing info from their events. So big thanks to Chris Tomlin for Blackout and Element Games for EGGS data!

The tables shown are quick snapshots of the compiled data. The Honest Wargamer discord channel (free to join) has a more detailed breakdown of things and discussion but we are working to bring the data to everyone. I dont think it will let me upload excel workbooks here so I will take images of the data tables for people to look over. We are also working on tracking down more event to expand the data, so feel free to send that to us or me. We're sticking to events on 32+ players and 5+ games to keep things relatively even.

So what are you looking at? The tables come from the events Midwest Meltdown, WargamesCon, Blackout, EGGS, Northern Invasion,  NOVA. BOBO unfortunately is missing as no one had factions the players played listed. We are working on trying to track all that down lol. Every win loss was logged for each faction as well as final best finish (and worsse finish although isnt shown in the tables).  Top 10's were also calculated. Tables are sorted by 5+ wins, then 4+ wins, etc etc. it just so happens top 10's correlate closely with those results.

There are some anomalies that are largely due to small data sets and lack of players  - for instance Pheonix Temple has an 80% win ratio right now and should be labeled "chris Tomlin 4-1 event" lol - but as I said we will be expanding the data as much as possible and when you see the full sheets aberations like that become easy to recognize.

Outside of those few small player factions I believe this gives us the most concise look at what tournament AoS is currently and if people find this kind of thing useful we will strive to keep it going with the help of the community.

Questions....? :D



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1 hour ago, sal4m4nd3r said:

My friend Bill actually played a clan moulder army with over 200 giant rats at NOVA. Not sure how he did though!

Will answer all the questions in more depth in about an hour or 2 - just busy at work at the moment. Just wanted to note this though - There were no clan moulder armies listed from the event, so this would have likely been submitted as Mixed Chaos - which is true of most the skaven armies outside of Pestilens and Skryre. 

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Ok here's some answers to above questions:

5 hours ago, Skreech Verminking said:

Wait has not even a single guy played clan verminus moulder etc. In the last few years of aos on tournaments?

It's possible some have played but the tournament logged the faction as Mixed Chaos. As far as 'last few years' this data is solely AoS 2 results.

5 hours ago, Lemon Knuckles said:

No quesitons, but a big THANK YOU for being awesome.

Lol - THANK YOU for reading, and thank the tournament organizers for making the info available :)

4 hours ago, High Overlord Xenu said:

@LLV what criteria does a tournament have to meet to be included in your tables?

So far the parameters are 32+ players and 5+ games. Although there is an arguement that any events with 5+ games where players dont play eachother. I'd be open to opinion on this. One thing we will be doing is running a top 10% in addition to top 10 to help account for top 10 being 25%-35% of the field in smaller events.

4 hours ago, PJetski said:

Legions of Nagash being 12% of the meta is misleading... it should be broken into Sacrament, Blood, Night, and Grand Host.

4 hours ago, JustPlay-Ritchie said:

I quite like it as it is.

Thanks Ritchie! @PJetski there are a couple of issues with splitting up the LoN factions. First and foremost is some Tournaments simply havent listed the what legion is used. Secondly as other have said, if we get too granular with the data it's a little hard to know where to stop. If I have the time I plan on looking at the top faction finishes lists and breaking down what units they include by %. This would show us out of the 5 Nagash lists that went 5+ games 80% had Nagash for example.

3 hours ago, Ben said:

good work on this.

Going forwards, what do you need from a TO for the results? Is there a particular format that you prefer, or just any 'per round' results? 

Thanks Ben. Great question. Currently the sheets I have log, by faction, best finish, worst finish, top ten and games won. So I only really need a list of factions in order of finish with number of games won recorded. This also helps seperate the finishes from wins, which can actually differ depending on soft scores within a Tournament.  For instance at NOVA there was a single player that went 6-0 that weekend (Legions of Nagash for those interested) but they finished 5th with 4 '5-1'players above them due to soft scores and secondary objective points. I dont really need round by round results as if someone wins 3 in a 5 game tournament we can deduce they didnt win the other 2. One thing I havent logged is draws which are very, very few. So just wins is good. As for format it would be amazing in a spreadsheet format as then I can do other things with sorting the raw data (like the top 10% I alluded to earlier which currently has my typing up info from pdfs or screen shots manually lol)

3 hours ago, Rekmeister said:

Thank you for compiling this. Coming from Magic, where a dominant deck can be up to 80% of the meta, this is great to see. Really hope that the struggling factions get some love down the line, but this is a healthy looking scene.

As I said save the thanks for the ones letting me access the info  - im just the one typing it all up ahaha. I am recently coming back to Warhammer after a hiatus and getting involved in competitive MtG, so I saw the other side and got used to having data like this at my fingertips.  I figured with the refresh that was AoS2 why not get something together for Warhammer. The Honest Wargamer crew have a similar mentality to me in that respect so it was great when they facilitated bring this to the community. This is only the start but I think with continued help and support of TO's and the community there's no reason we as AoS players cant have similar data and information to what MtG has. 

1 hour ago, gdieckhaus said:

Of course some of this inludes Midwest Meltdown prior to the Spell Portal Nerf...

Correct. That does skew the Legions of Nagash numbers a little regarding win% but % of the meta is still very high. If you really dig in the data (which Ill post the sheet snaps soon) you can see that whilst consisitent LoN isnt a 'problem' especially considering Meltdown. Maybe Nagash himself should be 50-60pts more to stop him being so prevailent BUT ONLY if realm rules become the norm - outside of realm rules Nagash has had a decent to mediocre showing-  but thats a conversation for another time -lol. Looking at the numbers from a balance perspective LoN is the most played army so is going to put up good numbers because of that - but its losses are consistent with its wins. DoK and Deepkin on the other hand seem very efficient. If I get around to the army list breakdown I wouldnt be suprised if we saw that morathi and eels are the common denominators in those wins. Witch elves may also be slightly underpointed, but only maybe by 10pts/10. Just my opinion though in sifting through all the results over the weekend. 

Phew - big post!

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