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Nighthaunt Project: Kingdom of Ruins


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As part of my drive to have a mostly recognisable and standard army in Sigmar to start getting more regularly gaming in I've opted to join my other half in making some nighthaunt. Never one for just using named characters stock I'm starting my force with my own personal variant of the Craven King.

So here he is the Architect of Discontent:
Work in progress on my own version of the Craven King, wanted a little more facial personality to give individuality so he's got a wizened and slightly sad looking old soldier face. Also wasnt a fan of the little whisp he was floating on so he's instead gained a massive crypt spider from his decayed and forgotten kingdom to bear his throne into battle.
Banner bearer will gain his banner once the mounting point for the throne has set more.
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Proverbs of Nagash from the Kingdom of Ruin:

Death, they say, is a river. Endlessly wide and infinitely long with a current no man can fight for eternity, and upon this river sailed three brothers each borne upon their own row boats.

The first brother strong and true sought to fight the river, he rowed frantically against the current for every day of his life. With each passing day he grew older and more exhausted, he rowed a little slower and still the current bore him to his final destination.

The second brother, a pious sort decried the rivers existence, it was he said merelty a trifle of a thing and sought to invoke the name of any god willing to listen to come and free him from this river. He carried trinkets of every god and cult in the realms to protect him, and yet when his final day came he too was carried to the rivers end.

But the third brother, the wisest of the three sat upon his boat and marvelled at the scenery they passed on their journeys, he shared in song and conversation with those his boat passed on its voyage. And on his final days when the river carried him forth he left this world fulfilled.

Each brother came to face Nagash at their journey end, and he looked upon them each in turn. “You…” he said to the first brother, “Have fought me with every day of your life, and thus you shall fight FOR me every day of your death” and with an agonising scream the brothers soul was shackled to the Legions of Nagash for all eternity.

“You…” he said turning to the second brother “Have denied me with every fibre of your existence, so blinded were you by misguided beliefs as to never truly know me. And thus you shall spend every day of your death heralding my arrival to all you come across.” And with a mere whimper the second brothers souls became a herald of the God of Death.

And so Nagash turned upon the third brother, extending a bony hand “But you, have accepted me as I am, have embraced the gifts I bestowed upon your journey. And so I shall accept you as you are, go now unto your rest” and with a blissful sigh the third brother ventured into his afterlife.


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Nearly finished on the craven king model now and commenced the second unit:



Probably a conversion thats been done a few times since the release of the new Nighthaunt but for the second unit in my Nighthaunt army I've gone with converted Hexwraiths. Whilst i love the current models for it they look jarring for me alongside the more sleek and refined models from the latest releases. So the riders have been switched over to match the newest nighthaunt.


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