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Rules for 2vs2 Games



First and foremost, forgive my ignorance.
I was unable to find any hints in the Core Book or the FAQs. Either I am too dumb or the rules just do not exist for 2vs 2 games. My main concerns are Command Points and the choice of the General.
In a 2vs2 Game, does each player choose a respective general or is it only one General for each side?
Are command points stored in a joined pool or does each of the 4 players receive their own command points?

Should we just make up some House Rules?
I am pretty lost at the moment.
It would also be helpful If anyone could state where in the different Rule-sets clarifications on these issues can be found, if at all. 

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The core rules cover 1 army VS 1 army. Anything else and its house rules. 


And you can pretty much do it how you want. You can have two armies that are totally separate in terms of points and command points and how the player controls them; or you can have two armies and two players control each army. 


How you do turns can also vary; you could have one team then the other or you could have each person alternate on rotation so that one side then the other side then back to the first side then finishing the last player.  


It's really however you want to do it that feels fair. You might want to leave out the second-turn rules if you're alternating between a few armies (as opposed to two armies or two team armies); but otherwise most other things should work reasonably. You might also consider that Endless spells are based on team not player - but again that is down to your own choice.

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