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Slaanesh conversions showroom


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Hey all !

Everything is in the title, I would like to keep in a one an only place the pictures of your slaanesh conversions ! In my mind the slaaneshi warriors are reall beautifull creatures with a great elegance. I don't think the actual miniatures are giving the hosts of slaanesh the beauty they deserve (I love the Sigvald mini btw).

Here some of mine made few years ago :









So please, feel free so post your miniatures in this topic, make all our senses on alert ;) 

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These are funky fresh man. The drycha conversion is really cool and looking foward to it being complete. The snake tree is really good. Where is the snake from?


Heres aic of my very unfinished Slaanshi member of my Forsaken Berserker squad, theres one of each god in the group representing, but not wholly dedicated if that makes sense. So although it’s more a khorne berserker unit some of them hold attributes to ther other gods and some other deities....Chaos in all its glory. Anyway. Very early wip with no gs yet.



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13 hours ago, Crashnarf said:

Nice reinterpretation of Eve and the Snake

The apple is missing ;) 

9 hours ago, Kronos said:

The snake tree is really good. Where is the snake from?

Thanks for posting man !! I like your conversion very much (big fan of kitbashing). The snake head is from Mierce miniatures gorgons.


I hope we will see a lot of new stuff here, please feel free to post for the Prince of Pleasure ?

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