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Any of y’all have any suggestions for a good burn deck? Or Red aggro rush down or whatever. RDW style (MTG reference and playstyle)

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I don’t care what faction but my favorite is Chaos and my second favorite is Destruction. 

I wouldn’t hate playing any faction though if it’s a hyper aggro instant damage burn deck that’s blitzing fast and just melts faces. 

Red/black speed decks are my jam in MTG I have like 4 red decks. 

Then I have a red/black vampire deck so if anyone has any suggestions for an all vampire deck or whatever I’m game for that too, no matter how it plays. 

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Well there are few combinations with chaos speed quest deck. My favorite combo (although you need a bit of luck to fire it off) is based on Unrivalled Lust blessing (adds +3,+2,+2) to your dps that tour. Then you put Berserker supported by one (or more) Flesh Hound. Trick is to use Valkiria to turn Berserker and make dps twise in one tour. You can deal up to 30 wounds. 

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Blood Throne is a personal choice, usually a Chaos Champion is played instead.

There are some variations considering the units and abilities. 

Some players like the Gore-slick Skullreapers (tbh, I wouldn't know what to cut for them) and you could use Demonic Fury instead of the more conditional burn spells.

Overall, the fast quest or quick quest (shorthand "QQ") is probably the most refined chaos deck currently and quite the menace online.

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