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Stormcast battle and cost effective.


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Ok so I’ve been into AoS for about a year now and I’ve played with my mates stormcast army and loved them. Now I’m ready to buy some myself and the new start colllecting set (thunderstrike brotherhood) is worth around 800pts so for £50 it’s pretty great so I’m planning on just buying x3 of that in one go so really what I’m asking is would that be an effective fighting force? 

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I personally don't like the Start Collecting boxes, neither of the two. 

The thunderstrike brotherhood includes 3 Paladins, but you play them in multiples of 5...

In addition, the Liberators and the Paladins are okay, but Sequitors and Evocators have more or less taken over.

Maybe you can split the Soul Wars box with someone or you can sell the parts of the box you don't like. This appears to me to be the better option.

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It looks like a situation where, if you don't hunt down those extra models to bring your units up to full strength, you're at a disadvantage.

Sucky as it feels to buy a box of Sequitors at full price; it's probably well worth it as they're the closest thing you can get to cheap bodies. Besides, they're a strictly better version of Liberators, an already decent profile.

The tankiness and potential damage output of Stormcast makes them easy to learn, but hard to master. I would think twice about buying 3 Start Collecting Boxes as I can only think of a few cases where you'd end up with a functioning army from that purchase (BCR and FEC). Buying a bunch of SC boxes typically leaves a few holes to plug, and spare models that don't fit with your army. With something like Stormcast it looks like you need to really study the battletome and work out the specific mix of units that will best work with the chamber and general you choose.

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