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Unit composition question.



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16 minutes ago, hudiniq said:

Hey all. A quick question.

If I have a unit of 5 liberators, where the prime has no shield but a grandhammer. How do i roll saves? Can i still reroll ones?

The attacks I make separate, right?

You get to reroll saves as long as any model in the unit has a shield.

Also bear in mind you don't allocate wounds/remove models until all attacks have been resolved.

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39 minutes ago, King Taloren said:

Yes since all casualties are removed at the end of your opponents attack activation you reroll any 1s until the shield model actually takes the damage and is slain 

To expand on that, casualties are removed at the end of a units attacks, so even if you take 2 wounds from some weapons which is enough to kill the shield guy, he hangs around (giving you the re-roll) until all other attacks from the enemy unit are completed.

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