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A Little Narrative Flavour


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I know this isn't the Narrative section of the forums, but with today's Community article on Story and vision board example, I thought I'd share a little 'Users Guide' I plan on giving to opponents.

I typed this up this past weekend. It's not a lot, nor am I an author, so please bear with the bad writing. Also, being an initial draft, it looks like some of the fonts could be enlarged or brightened. I'll correct that this weekend.

I basically wanted to just give my opponent a high level idea of my army simply so that our games are a little more than simple Xs and Os.

Also, I must confess. I saw a similar document earlier in the month, but I don't recall the poster who shared. I wish I could credit them with the idea.

CotBD Two Sheet.pdf


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18 minutes ago, Dead Scribe said:

Is a narrative tournament basically tournament-level lists with a backstory behind them?

I have no idea. I'm not really a tournament player. This is just some background for opponents during pickup games or what not. Anyone not familiar with my army.

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