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From the World that was...

Ryan Taylor

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... Man I really love that term for the old world. 


So when the world that was died a quick and epic death I was bummed. I didn't rage quit but my life took a bit of a tumble as I realized that my 17 year love affair was over. The lore I had spent thousands of hours was gone. My knowledge of the Warhammer world was still there but was never going to win me a pub quiz.

So so I took a six month break. 

I kept tabs tabs on Games Workshop and watched them knock it out of the park. I played other systems for a game or two and they were meh ok.

I used to be a powergamer. Testing every efficiency out of a list. Looking at the eyes of my opponents it hit me that no one was having fun. There was nothing they could do and at the end of 8th I realized that was no way to play.

So so I am back finally picking up a brush and painting what I want and what I think looks good and fun. 

So I will start a blog you will see me paint. First you will see a quick and dirty sylvaneth army for an event. Then you will see me pour my heart into some destruction and chaos.

Any questions let me know. And thanks Ben for making this website. 

For the world that was! 

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