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First play through has thrown up some questions.


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I had my first game of Silver Tower this afternoon with a friend, it was thoroughly enjoyable, but I’ve got a couple of questions for those of you who have played the game. 


First question is how the Gryph hound works. The card was missing from my set, (I’ve emailed GW but it’s a bank holiday here so won’t get a response until Tuesday at least) I found the rules on the app, but they seem incomplete. On his behaviour chart there’s the option to “hunt” it says to move to the closest enemy and then make an attack. How does he make an attack? There’s no rules explaining his weapons on the app.  


Second question... We completed the first trial, and got the fragment of the amulet. But what happens next? The rules explain what skills and treasure you can keep, but it doesn’t explain which passage to read for your next trial. Am I missing something? What do I do to start the next trial (and subsequent ones) 

Thanks in advance. 

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The gryph-hound card should be in the Exploration deck.

The passage to start reading is given to you on p. 1 of the Adventure guide. Paragraphs 5 and 6 under “Starting a Trial”

I’d recommend printing out the faq for additional questions: https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/ENG_Silver_Tower_v1.1-2.pdf

Let me see if I can pull up my copy. (I don’t usually use the Gryph-hound.)


whenever you set up the excelsior warpriest, set up the gryph hound as close to him as possible (unless it is all ready on the board). The gryph hound is not a hero but adversaries treat it as one. It can pass through models from either side as it moves.


When the Gryph Hound attacks, pick an adjacent adversary and roll 2 dice. For each dice that scores a 4 or more, that adversary suffers a wound. If the Gryph hound slays an adversary, the warpriest gains a point of renown.

Wounding the gryph-hound:

When the Gryph hound suffers a wound, place a wound marker next to it. If a second wind marker is placed next to it, discard the wound markers and remove the Gryph hound from the board. The next time there is a respite l, set it up as close to the excelsior warpriest as possible.

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Have yet to pain the excelsior warpriest. Played several games (love WHQ but it's hard to find player's  always gotta charter my friends and my girlfriend  my daughter is to young to play. So far painted I've got the knight quarter the dark aelf shard or whatever he is the aelf woman who came without a head so I put a replacement on got the slaughterpriest aspiring deathbringer both exalted deathbringers the Orruk warchanter dude who plays very nice btw the lord of plaques the blood secratator if that's how its spelled... the guy with the giant banner.. but sinds I don't have more players we only played 3 or 4 games which I played the knight twice and the Orruk who died on the first pull was resurrected and kicked was rest of the dungeon. Trying to get hammerhall and the other warriors painted but I'm busy with too many projects at once

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On 8/30/2018 at 6:34 AM, ManlyMuppet88 said:

My Gryph hound card was missing too. Must have been more widespread than I thought. They sent me a new one and I’m glad to hear they’ve sent you one too.

Hope you’re enjoying the game, my wife and I love it - we’re up to the final Trial...

Yeah having a blast so far, really enjoying painting the models. Have played through the first quest and planning on doing the next one on Sunday. 

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