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Black Library - WHAT A MESS!


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So I thought I'd just go through and quickly see which short and long stories are in which collected editions on Black Library and MY GODS is it an utter mess! Seriously they've got short stories on their own; then combined into books and then those books randomly placed into various collections and then some of the short stories that were in the book now in a collection and then some collections have unique short stories of their own...


Oh and did I mention that even within the same series of books some are unique stories, some are collected shorts and some are transcribed audio story shot collections!

*resumes personal project after venting/ranting*



edit more joy the Novels and Short stories tabs don't even list all of both and some are hiding in FEATURED stories as well! Seriously who designed this - I honestly can only assume whoever is in charge is either living in a different world, on drugs or hopes that people will just blindly buy stuff without looking at what is inside!


Edit 2 after the rant



So what I thought would take 10 mins took over an hour! But I finally listed out all the books and short stories and what collection has what in it! follow the link to a handy less ranty thread :)

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