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saurus scar-veteran on cold one command ability



Hello,i'm a player of seraphon army and i hope to find an answer to a doubt regarding the command ability of the saurus scar-veteran on cold-one "savage charge".

the question is:

the command ability has effect on the nearby units/models in the hero phase when it's used (and then regarding the attack that earns the cold one it is cumulative if the ability is used multiple times),or it has effect in the phase that are affected by the ability (charge phase and combat phase)?

My opinion is that the bonus to reroll charges and 1 to hit to the nearby units takes effect in  the phase that are affected by it(charge and combat phase),cause it doesn't specifies time duration,and the bonus to make an additional attack to the cold ones' vicious bites of the nearby saurus knights models has effect in the hero phase cause it specifies time duration(until your next hero phase),and so it's cumulative if it's utilised multiple times.


I hope that you all can help me resolve this doubt.



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The 8” bubble refers to whatever is in that 8” at the time the action that the ability is looking for. Reroll  charge and then reroll 1s. So in theory you could have one unit that reroll a charge and goes out of range and another unit come into range to  reroll 1s in the combat phase. Once you move out of that 8” you lose the abilty

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