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Malignant Start Collecting! Mortis Engine Question


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A friend of mine and I are considering splitting a Malignant start collecting box, but we had a question about the mortis engine: does it include the two vampire alternate builds; the coven throne and the bloodwrack shrine?

From what I have heard, some start collecting have alternates and some do not.

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3 hours ago, Nactigal said:

The bloodwrack shrine is a Daughters of Khaine model that can not be built from the mortis engine. 


However, the mortis engine in the Start Collecting: malignets box can build both the coven throne and bloodseeker palanquin.

I mixed up the name! Thanks. That is great to know.

Appreciate it.

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I bought this a couple of weeks ago. Nactigal is correct, the only thing I'd add is that mine only came with assembly instructions for the engine and coven throne, so you'd have to download the info for the third version. Possibly why some people think it's not included. 

All the parts are definitely included though. (I made the Coven Throne with mine) 

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